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Summer is here, and  to make sure you don’t fall into the dreadful “Summer Trap” of sitting at home slowly dying from the dullness. Here are the top 5 things to do to make sure you have an adventure filled summer! weds21. PAINTBALL
A great way to fill a a day or night. Plus, once you buy them, they are yours! We got some paintball guns at walmart, they were $20 each and the paint balls were fairly cheap as well (go for the biodegradable paintballs so you have some excuse for shooting up the local park or neighbor’s fence). Go out and get your self some good old paint guns and burn the town down.

Reignite that childhood wonder for the world around you! Create your own little scavenger hunt for around your neighborhood or city. Make it as long or as small as you want difficult to easy, the choice is all yours. You can also find some already composed lists online.

Hot summer days need to be filled with colorful bikinis, lemonade slushies, and cool turquoise water. When the pool and beach aren’t an option and your dying from a heat stroke on the front porch, run down to your local drug store, pick up 100+ water balloons and go crazy with your amigas in the front yard.

Pick up a backpack and fill it with yummy snacks, water bottles, camera, floral headbands, and a blanket (you never know where you might find the perfect picnic location). Just walk, bike, run…explore. You’ll be surprised what little hideaways are lurking around the corner.

Check to see when your local sunrise time is and head down to the beach while its still night out, set up camp, and wait for the first light of a new day. Its a truly magical sight. In addition you can also snap up the best beach spot and hangout the rest of the day soaking up the sun & swimming with mermaids.

top5sick1. Pleasantville
I had completely forgotten about this film until i stumbled upon it yesterday. It truly is a great family classic, and I’m guessing most of you either A) haven’t seen it a long time or B) haven’t watched it what-so-ever. Either way, its a staple for when you’re home sick.

The great thing about starwars…well it’s starwars! And you easily have a full day of movies planned out with this series. I do warn you however that you will most likely feel like a Jedi within 1-2 films and then will spend a good couple of hours googling starwars memorabilia.

3. The Invasion
Again, this is one of those movies that I see once in a blue moon… and that’s what makes it good. You remember it being a pretty good film, but you don’t remember enough to have the whole thing memorized. I would say this is my most suspense/thriller film out of the bunch.

4. Mad Money
A great film to watch when you’re in a “light-hearted humor” type of mood. An especially good film to cuddle up to your fellow sickies that are stuck home with you and have some good old chicken noodle soup and yellow Gatorade.

5. Stardust
Hands down, I can easily say this is one of my favorite movies (at least in my top 10). An adventure filled with magical happenings, Robert Di niro, sweet storyline, and beautiful voice-overs. A must watch whether you are sick or not. Yet, somehow being ill makes the film all the more wonderful.

PicMonkey Collage

1. Take Shelter
I absolutely adore Michael Shannon to bits, he is easily one of the best actors out there today and his performance is breath taking. Jessica Chastain is just perfect. End of story.

2. Big Fish
Visually this movie is fantastic with a story to match. It does a fantastic job of making the oddly unrealistic story of a young mans life (Ewan Mcgregor) seem ever so believable.

3. Revolutionary Road
I was actually introduced to this movie by Ben Hector (director) to watch to prep for my role in ‘Impermeable du soleil’. Leonardo Dicaprio, Kate Winsley, Kathy Bates, Michael Shannon. I can’t even explain how amazing this film. Must see for actors, directors, and movie lovers.

4. V for Vendetta
George Orwell would approve. Sparks your inner revolutionist. Not, to mention that this film is as quotable as Mean Girls.

5. The Tree of Life
Though you may find it confusing at first, there is this freshness to the film that makes it seem that its not really a film at all, but an experience.


1. Striped Cat Triangle Ring

I am completely in love with this little cutie. The details and vaa-vaa-voom colors really make this ring stand out and easily adds a swist of humor to your outfit. I espically like the hot pink and orange ones! At at only $18.00 a pop this unique ring is a steal!

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2. Geometric Ring

I love rustic colored jewelry, and espically rings. Je adore the detailing of the little rhinestones on the front of the ring! . I really like how the band is somewhat adjustable so I dont have to stress about whether or not its going to be too small. And come on, at $8.00 you cant go wrong!

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3. Knuckle Rings (set of 4)

I mean just look at them! You can never go wrong with simplicity. The positioning of these rings also suit to highlight that pretty fresh coat of paint on your nails. I would suggest wearing these rings with a bold nail polish (i.e. orange, pink, mint, bright purple, etc.). And you get all 4 rings for only $15.99.

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4. Dragon Spine Pinky Ring

Most of the time its hard to find pinky rings with some amount of detail or design, but alast here to the rescue the “Dragon Spine Ring”. First off, I love this ring just for the name alone. And Second, its georgous, rustic, and something I’ve never seen before. Plus its only $7.00!

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5. Galaxy Colored Ring

You all should know that I’m a huge dork, so anything that has to do with space, I’m down. Not only is this ring adjustable, but the way its made it creates a 3D bubble effect! I’ve become completely obsessed with this ring and the designers other products! this is a must have for 2013 and for only $10.23! Well, what are you waiting for!

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