Let me just say that this has happened before. Tess and I went to go pick strawberries last time in the summer…ya, strawberries aren’t in season during the summer. So, we tried round two today with our red-headed gal Erin. Strawberry season started December 14th. We were already ahead of the game in that regards. We all headed down to ‘Batten’s Strawberry Farm‘ before, and let me just say it was the quaintest little farm I’ve ever seen in south Florida. There is a mini market in the front where you can buy locally grown produce, animals, etc. But, a last we arrive only to find out that the strawberries won’t be ready till after Christmas, or something like that. We decided to go feed the animals in the back, which was equally fun. Our failed attempt of picking strawberries was followed by sushi (sooo good) then a trip to the local farmers market  with Tess to pick up some greens. Despite the strawberry hiccup it was a fun/interesting day with these two darlings:
13 - 313 - 13 13 - 9 13 - 7 13 - 8 13 - 1 13 - 16 13 - 10 13 - 11 13 - 4 13 - 1913 - 21. Erin & Tess
2. These goats were crazy
3. The Garden
4. The Bubbly  NY Redhead
5. It looked like it came out of Narnia
6. Best. Tangerines. Ever.
7. That photo bomb though…
8. Thug foreverz
9. This rooster literally posed
10. Love
11. “get behind that cow!”
12. Stiles Farmers Market


I was just staring at a blank screen. Maybe it was because I didn’t have my glasses on, so in reality it was just blurred. A little Skype page filled the screen; I scanned my list of contacts….no one. At least no one I really wanted to converse with. It was only 11:30am and this feeling of complete nothingness seemed to overcome me. Mostly because I had just finished a chaotic week of midterms that left me with nothing to do on the weekend; no assignments to complete, no papers that I could really start, just a massive gap of time that I anxiously tried to fill. Whereas the week prior every moment was filled with either studying, memorizing, stressing, writing papers, studying, and/or studying.

So naturally I’m restless, but then again I’ve always been restless; never being able to stay in one place. So, I hopped on the bus with Victoria and headed down to Westwood to grab some good old vegan grub. Ironically, Victoria had experienced  the same dilemma of “nothingness” that seemed to have driven us both to the brink of insanity.

We went to Native Foods, which is amazing by the way. Plus, we get stuff from the kids menu so it’s only like $5. Hey, I’m a college student and an actress which basically means that its guaranteed that I’m going to be broke the majority of the time.

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931391_10151955203204465_1462358440_nIf you haven’t seen this movie yet then you are doing humanity a grave dis favor,  and I suggest you stop whatever you are doing, sit down, find and illegal movie site, and WATCH.THIS.MOVIE.

I know-on the superficial level-it’s just a “cool” movie about guys pounding on each other and fucking shit up, and undoubtedly this is true. However, we find within the well scripted dialogue, and throughout the film, a message that hit closer to home than what we all may have expected.

What we are doing with our lives, and how we have been programed to act (via our materialistic-driven-society) isn’t making us happier…it actually making us goddamn miserable beings . As a result we end up trying to fill this emptiness within ourselves that not even all the plastic Ikea furniture in the world could plug. So how do we fix this? We let go. Let go of dead structure and let it be replaced with the living moment, because “The things you own end up owning you.”

This Tuesday my business partner (Tani) and myself had to run a bunch of errands for . We had to go to city hall and file paperwork, stop at the bank, organize inventory, discuss future shipments,the works.  Being fairly new to LA I had no idea what this “California Pizza Kitchen” (CPK) business was about. And without fail Tani never appears to be less surprise when I tell her I’ve never been.

So, to celebrate our business milestones we headed towards CPK. We got the thin crust Margherita pizza and a salad(s) for an appetizer. Let me just say this: YUMMY!!! We decided that from now on whenever we celebrate something with the business, you can bet you’ll find us at California Pizza Kitchen.

18800 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356

1w w4w w1 4w1. PIZZA!!!
2. Lemon Water
3. Business Partner Tani <3!
4. I could live off this salad.

Its 10:10pm Tuesday night. my hippy gal Dejuan text message: “I want to get some Ice Cream. With an 8:00am class in the morning, It only seemed fitting, and reasonable , to take a late night walk and get some ice cream…And thus the adventure to SWEET ROSE CREAMERY was born!

Oh.My.Word. This place is pretty ah-mazing. I got two scoops of the ‘Frozen Tart Yogurt’ on a cone ($6.00) and it was perfect. They also have non-dairy ice-cream (not sure how that works) but hey, for all my vegans out there: this is the place to go to get your ice cream fix. Great, now I want Ice Cream.

225 26th St #51  Santa Monica, CA 90402

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