So, I wanted to document the random roaming of the streets, tattoo getting, umami burger eating, and Los Angeles wandering life I had this semester. Hope you all enjoy loves. Besos.

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I’ve decided I’m going to film the rest of my semester/document my adventures and compile the footage together at the end of the year in a steadicam-musical montage format.

We went on a night hike with our Mosaic college group (who are the nicest people around) and then randomly ventured out to sweet rose.

Midterms are coming up this week so I’ve been crazy busy, but good news: I just got my Nikkor 50mm and I love it! I’ll do a full review of the amazing lens if I survive my midterms.

“I knew I wanted to do something creative. I didn’t think I’d have the luxury of doing something like that, because I didn’t know anyone who had pursued anything they really adored, but I had dreams…”

-Lana Del Rey

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i. empty house – air | ii. polar-noon highroad – baromet | iii. sleepwalking – casket girls | iv. gravediggress – cocorosie | v. ungirthed – purity ring | vi. creeping – 2:54 | vii. lonely star – the weeknd | viii. i wanna be sedated – superhumanoids | ix. sleep – soap&skin | x. nnormal – javelin | xi. untitled – interpol | xii. solace – f y f e | xiii. moon (gummy system) –  sofia reta

mikkyekkkoMusic video by Mikky Ekko performing Pull Me Down. (C) 2013 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

I need a road trip, any trip really. I seem to force myself into seclusion on these long weekends; snuggling up against pattern fabric, looking out windows, and pretending to play the piano. Waiting for the breath of fresh air that comes with the following week, yet at the same time I want this nothing-ness to last. It’s not loneliness, its clarity. A time for me to clear my thoughts and think. A time to focus, on everything, but mostly on the future. Trying to remind my self to let the past be merely the sound of my footsteps on the ground, and to live like the trees: freely giving and always growing.

Two girls cast love spells and chase each other through time, space and dimension on a Friday night in their bedroom. Directed by ZFCL, Sextape by Deftones

There’s this rift in time when I think back, these fragmented memories. It feels like I’m thinking someone else’s thoughts, like I’m seeing someone else’s past. I miss the days when we were gallivanting around town after midnight on our bikes, my calves burning as I pumped my pedal to keep in pace with you. I remember the four of us drunk off (terrible) beer, or maybe we were just pretending, goading each other into harmless dares and screeching into the creases of our elbows when we actually did them. I remember having a tear stained face because I couldn’t understand why this was happening to you, or her, or me. I remember being your best friend. I want to blame myself because it’s easiest, I want to blame you because it all hurts, but I’m just confused most days. I can only think about our secret names for the people we hated, for the people we wanted, and being shoulder to shoulder as we walked, glaring at everyone. I love you. I loved all of you. The bad doesn’t matter anymore, in the long run. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done, everything I didn’t do, and everything in-between. I want to ask someone if this is a part of growing up, but I’d feel whiny. You stop being friends, it happens, it’s natural. But when you’re fourteen-fifteen-sixteen and crouched together on a squeaky bed, after scarfing down Chinese food and walking around in the dark, you don’t think see a future without these people, these friends, these sisters. Oh well. Also recommend by Deftones: entire White Pony album, Change (In The House of Fire), and Diamond Eyes.