Let me just say that this has happened before. Tess and I went to go pick strawberries last time in the summer…ya, strawberries aren’t in season during the summer. So, we tried round two today with our red-headed gal Erin. Strawberry season started December 14th. We were already ahead of the game in that regards. We all headed down to ‘Batten’s Strawberry Farm‘ before, and let me just say it was the quaintest little farm I’ve ever seen in south Florida. There is a mini market in the front where you can buy locally grown produce, animals, etc. But, a last we arrive only to find out that the strawberries won’t be ready till after Christmas, or something like that. We decided to go feed the animals in the back, which was equally fun. Our failed attempt of picking strawberries was followed by sushi (sooo good) then a trip to the local farmers market  with Tess to pick up some greens. Despite the strawberry hiccup it was a fun/interesting day with these two darlings:
13 - 313 - 13 13 - 9 13 - 7 13 - 8 13 - 1 13 - 16 13 - 10 13 - 11 13 - 4 13 - 1913 - 21. Erin & Tess
2. These goats were crazy
3. The Garden
4. The Bubbly  NY Redhead
5. It looked like it came out of Narnia
6. Best. Tangerines. Ever.
7. That photo bomb though…
8. Thug foreverz
9. This rooster literally posed
10. Love
11. “get behind that cow!”
12. Stiles Farmers Market



as ass asssassssassssssThe littlest one of the bunch “Athena Jade” (in the wheelchair) has been pretty sick the past couple of weeks. But, slowly she is starting to feel better and regain her strength (ya!). She has an undiagnosed brain disorder, which basically means  doctors-all over the country- can’t really place their finger on what she “has”. But, my family and I already know what it is, and it’s called “Awesomeness”. She was all smiles when we took her outside to roll around in her wheelchair, and was nothing but giggles as Alexis (one with the glasses) and Ashira pulled and chased her around our little cul-de-sac. I’m back on the east coast till the new year trying to relax and forget about everything I have to do once I’m back in LA.

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The hectic composition of my life lately seen through the eyes of my Instagram.
q1 q6 q3 q2 q5 q4 q7TOP to BOTTOM:
1. “I feel like I’m in an Indie movie”
2. Rocks and pointy shoes
3. Hoodlums and Ruffians
4. Umami Burger in Santa Monica
5. Mix-Matched blankets
6. Flying to the east coast
7. Studying in the library


AA aaa aaaa aaaaa aaaaaa
Stress. This is an extremely long overdue post and I’m sorry…life, well really school, has just been getting in the way of everything nowadays. I went around Venice beach the other day, just before the craze of finals took place. There is something so relaxing about just wandering around by yourself. It kinda scares me sometimes how comfortable I am with the silence. Venice’s whole mentality centers around this carefree-creative-rebel ambiance so it’s easy to find yourself walking around graffiti filled corners and having conversations with strangers. If your in California, go to Venice. Get some souvenirs and grab a slice of pizza (I heard its really good).

1. “hey, can you take our picture?”
2. Modern day Hippies
3. All gathering around the pros
4. The Collection
5. Watching skaters swirl around in their empty pools.

I was just staring at a blank screen. Maybe it was because I didn’t have my glasses on, so in reality it was just blurred. A little Skype page filled the screen; I scanned my list of contacts….no one. At least no one I really wanted to converse with. It was only 11:30am and this feeling of complete nothingness seemed to overcome me. Mostly because I had just finished a chaotic week of midterms that left me with nothing to do on the weekend; no assignments to complete, no papers that I could really start, just a massive gap of time that I anxiously tried to fill. Whereas the week prior every moment was filled with either studying, memorizing, stressing, writing papers, studying, and/or studying.

So naturally I’m restless, but then again I’ve always been restless; never being able to stay in one place. So, I hopped on the bus with Victoria and headed down to Westwood to grab some good old vegan grub. Ironically, Victoria had experienced  the same dilemma of “nothingness” that seemed to have driven us both to the brink of insanity.

We went to Native Foods, which is amazing by the way. Plus, we get stuff from the kids menu so it’s only like $5. Hey, I’m a college student and an actress which basically means that its guaranteed that I’m going to be broke the majority of the time.

v4v6 v1 v5 v3

I’ve decided I’m going to film the rest of my semester/document my adventures and compile the footage together at the end of the year in a steadicam-musical montage format.

We went on a night hike with our Mosaic college group (who are the nicest people around) and then randomly ventured out to sweet rose.

Midterms are coming up this week so I’ve been crazy busy, but good news: I just got my Nikkor 50mm and I love it! I’ll do a full review of the amazing lens if I survive my midterms.