We didn’t grow up in a city, rather we grew up in towns, villages, on the road. Often times (it) was always summer, we’d surround ourselves with long haired girls and lanky boys, the sun constant and beating. We’ve always wanted to show the world our minds, we just weren’t sure how. As time passed, and we began to understand ourselves better, Skye flew to expression, to projecting the ideals of others, bringing them to life. Dolce remained constant, heavy, weighed down with writing: prose, short stories, describing a world she didn’t know. Dolce de Skye is everything that we represent: our inspiration, our youth, the good and the bad. Though mostly–lots of good. We hope in some way you feel just as inspired as we do!

In short:
Skye the actress: venturing on dreams in  Los Angeles
Dolce the writer: writing away on the East Coast

Together we write for the world and  hope to ignite that child like wonder in all of us.


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