How not to pick strawberries

Let me just say that this has happened before. Tess and I went to go pick strawberries last time in the summer…ya, strawberries aren’t in season during the summer. So, we tried round two today with our red-headed gal Erin. Strawberry season started December 14th. We were already ahead of the game in that regards. We all headed down to ‘Batten’s Strawberry Farm‘ before, and let me just say it was the quaintest little farm I’ve ever seen in south Florida. There is a mini market in the front where you can buy locally grown produce, animals, etc. But, a last we arrive only to find out that the strawberries won’t be ready till after Christmas, or something like that. We decided to go feed the animals in the back, which was equally fun. Our failed attempt of picking strawberries was followed by sushi (sooo good) then a trip to the local farmers market  with Tess to pick up some greens. Despite the strawberry hiccup it was a fun/interesting day with these two darlings:
13 - 313 - 13 13 - 9 13 - 7 13 - 8 13 - 1 13 - 16 13 - 10 13 - 11 13 - 4 13 - 1913 - 21. Erin & Tess
2. These goats were crazy
3. The Garden
4. The Bubbly  NY Redhead
5. It looked like it came out of Narnia
6. Best. Tangerines. Ever.
7. That photo bomb though…
8. Thug foreverz
9. This rooster literally posed
10. Love
11. “get behind that cow!”
12. Stiles Farmers Market


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