How you doin’ Venice?


AA aaa aaaa aaaaa aaaaaa
Stress. This is an extremely long overdue post and I’m sorry…life, well really school, has just been getting in the way of everything nowadays. I went around Venice beach the other day, just before the craze of finals took place. There is something so relaxing about just wandering around by yourself. It kinda scares me sometimes how comfortable I am with the silence. Venice’s whole mentality centers around this carefree-creative-rebel ambiance so it’s easy to find yourself walking around graffiti filled corners and having conversations with strangers. If your in California, go to Venice. Get some souvenirs and grab a slice of pizza (I heard its really good).

1. “hey, can you take our picture?”
2. Modern day Hippies
3. All gathering around the pros
4. The Collection
5. Watching skaters swirl around in their empty pools.


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