Life according to Instagram: LOS ANGELES

INSTAGRAM: @aiyanaskyeb3 b8 b5 b2 b1 nn b10 b61. On our way to church we go down Hollywood Blvd. and its straight palm trees on both sides all the way. Its so classic “Los Angeles’. It makes me happy.
2. My bed one morning—I woke up naturally to the sun shining on my face and this light breeze coming in from the window…Ahhhh, it was heavenly.
3. I just really like playing with bubbles in the sink. What can I say? I’m like a four year old.
4. Mosaic. The people are really nice, so nice its scary…
5. My desk all oddly organized. I’m not sure how I feel about it.
6. The prettiest in crowd that you’ve every seen: Jessica, Victoria, Jen.
7. View of Los Angeles from outside my building. It’s like water colors.
8. #studylife when there was no internet. We went down to Starbucks and set up camp after going to the precious little vegan restaurant ‘Native Foods’ one Friday.


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