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photo-8 photo-5 photo-9 photo-6 photo-7Sometimes I can’t help but become a little bit crazy and just need to get out & go somewhere, anywhere really. Plus I’ve recently been sick with some random cold which doesn’t help much either. So, I messaged the girls on our fabulous group text (for real we abuse that thing all the time) to see if anyone wanted to head down to Santa Monica and before we knew it we were out by 5:00pm and on our way to a little afternoon exploring. From top to bottom:

1. Santa Monica
2. Victoria: Studded Bag, Henna hand, Sasquatch bracelet= approval
3. The Three Musketeers
4. LUSH! I would totally buy everything from here if I had the doe ($)
5. Gas station where Jessica & Jen almost got run over by a homeless guy.
6.”Do the Miley”

Its around five in the afternoon. Freshly brewed coffee in our hands that we just got from Starbucks. We were on our way to our first club meeting.

The requirements: flannels and coffee.
Our motto: “hashtag/ Pacific Northwest club foreverz y’all”.

Jessica being from Oregon and Victoria from Seattle they both felt that we needed to commemorate the Pacific Northwest life, and thus the PACIFIC NORTHWEST CLUB was born.We took our blanket down under the pier to get that, as Jessica put it: “Portland/Seattle Mist” while we sipped our coffee and watched the tide roll in. After we went back to campus, met up with Victoria, found a classroom, put the Gladiator up on the projector, and ordered some thin crusted spinach/feta pizza. A successful first meeting indeed.


Victoria and I went down to Santa Monica to waste an afternoon and apply for jobs (need to get that $$$) There is something about walking, just pure-mindless wandering that’s completely relaxing, plus that “laid back surfer” vibe  that Santa Monica has makes for a pleasant-carefree atmosphere. And for some reason there was a good amount of sales! If you know me, you know that I literally wont spend anymore than $15, so sales are basically the only reason that I have clothes and don’t just walk around naked all the time. Here is just a little look of our spontaneous evening out:

photo (3) photophoto (2)photo (1)

The great American adventure
Open roads vast and wide
Family packed inside the car while
the rest of the world is pushed aside

The midnight starlight
and the heart of the road
Nomadic by nature
this is our thrown.

Hotels, motels and stories to share
Wondering through the wilderness
as the wind cuts through our hair

Walking through history
Exploring the past
The hidden frontier of the States
Discovered at last

Lost in our voyage
Exploring the unknown
Gypsies of the restless
The world is our home