A driven night of ratchetness.

Flippers. A ghetto ass movie theater with cheap tickets, funky chairs, and a pretty sketch arcade. But that was our goal. Dressed in safari attire we headed out to make the night eccentric, memorable, and unusual at the very least. The day had been filled with 1$ smoothie runs to McDonalds, thrift store exploration, a nice collection of record finds, and a target ritual: sushi, trash mags, and nail polish. I would say from 12:00pm-1:00am was a success. tt10 tt8 tt4 tt5 tt1 tt9 tt6 tt11 tt13Photos from top to bottom:

1. Wouldn’t trust it                            4. Credits, credits, credits                       7.  Running away
2. Flippers                                         5.Always Reppin’                                      8. Safari Attire
3.This is ‘Thunder’                           6.Magic 8                                                    9. No sign of life at midnight


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