TOP 5: Things to do this summer

Summer is here, and  to make sure you don’t fall into the dreadful “Summer Trap” of sitting at home slowly dying from the dullness. Here are the top 5 things to do to make sure you have an adventure filled summer! weds21. PAINTBALL
A great way to fill a a day or night. Plus, once you buy them, they are yours! We got some paintball guns at walmart, they were $20 each and the paint balls were fairly cheap as well (go for the biodegradable paintballs so you have some excuse for shooting up the local park or neighbor’s fence). Go out and get your self some good old paint guns and burn the town down.

Reignite that childhood wonder for the world around you! Create your own little scavenger hunt for around your neighborhood or city. Make it as long or as small as you want difficult to easy, the choice is all yours. You can also find some already composed lists online.

Hot summer days need to be filled with colorful bikinis, lemonade slushies, and cool turquoise water. When the pool and beach aren’t an option and your dying from a heat stroke on the front porch, run down to your local drug store, pick up 100+ water balloons and go crazy with your amigas in the front yard.

Pick up a backpack and fill it with yummy snacks, water bottles, camera, floral headbands, and a blanket (you never know where you might find the perfect picnic location). Just walk, bike, run…explore. You’ll be surprised what little hideaways are lurking around the corner.

Check to see when your local sunrise time is and head down to the beach while its still night out, set up camp, and wait for the first light of a new day. Its a truly magical sight. In addition you can also snap up the best beach spot and hangout the rest of the day soaking up the sun & swimming with mermaids.


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