What FIGHT CLUB taught me.

931391_10151955203204465_1462358440_nIf you haven’t seen this movie yet then you are doing humanity a grave dis favor,  and I suggest you stop whatever you are doing, sit down, find and illegal movie site, and WATCH.THIS.MOVIE.

I know-on the superficial level-it’s just a “cool” movie about guys pounding on each other and fucking shit up, and undoubtedly this is true. However, we find within the well scripted dialogue, and throughout the film, a message that hit closer to home than what we all may have expected.

What we are doing with our lives, and how we have been programed to act (via our materialistic-driven-society) isn’t making us happier…it actually making us goddamn miserable beings . As a result we end up trying to fill this emptiness within ourselves that not even all the plastic Ikea furniture in the world could plug. So how do we fix this? We let go. Let go of dead structure and let it be replaced with the living moment, because “The things you own end up owning you.”


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