Lungs filled with fire and covered in sand.

The fire swelled with the wind, causing brief bursts of  light that dazzled and dazed us all. There was a gathered consensus that we all were alive, living in the moment, enjoying the company of crashing waves, and the moon to our backs.

Its a Wednesday night: May first to be exact. Two days before we would all find our selves at the front door of a little thing called “summer”. Our bags were packed with printed blankets, all the necessary s’more material, fresh firewood, and lighter fluid ( aka: liquid fire). Queen Victoria, the Babe Jen, and myself all headed down to the beach to meet up with my hippy child  “Ari” and her lovebird “Sage”. They had just returned from Coachella and their stories were pure gold. Here are some good old photographs from the night:f1 f3 f6 f9 f8 f12 f13 f14 f5 f7 f4f16From top to bottom:// caveman built / blankets and lonely shoes / the pre-fire dance / Ari & Sage / QV being a cutie / s’more-ing it up / San Francisco bound / trunk buddies / the in between light of night and magic / you can never go wrong with a wool sweater and a perfectly made s’more / Fairy Lights/ “Dream Team”.


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