Why don’t we take a stroll to ‘The Getty’ darling?


316410_10151961675319465_1357488441_n 936874_10151961675169465_1333892002_n 945817_10151961675139465_1932196136_n 936872_10151961675399465_2138832124_n 941756_10151961675329465_1064676738_n 482440_10151961675194465_287668673_n 943068_10151961675369465_707402222_n 946929_10151961675479465_1673493605_n 295334_10151961675224465_620862493_n 47983_10151961675464465_1600077902_n 303054_10151961675489465_54277845_n 428433_10151961675254465_1642807667_nThis pass week has been filled with unreal adventures: bands, piercings, strangers, and a good deal of instances where “I plead the fifth” are in order. The night before we found our selves  visiting ‘The Janks’ play at the tree house in westwood and stumbling upon some quite interesting individuals. A memorable night to say the least.  The next day we decided to kick back , throw on some florals, have a picnic, read some books, and lay in the sun at The Getty Center.


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