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top5sick1. Pleasantville
I had completely forgotten about this film until i stumbled upon it yesterday. It truly is a great family classic, and I’m guessing most of you either A) haven’t seen it a long time or B) haven’t watched it what-so-ever. Either way, its a staple for when you’re home sick.

The great thing about starwars…well it’s starwars! And you easily have a full day of movies planned out with this series. I do warn you however that you will most likely feel like a Jedi within 1-2 films and then will spend a good couple of hours googling starwars memorabilia.

3. The Invasion
Again, this is one of those movies that I see once in a blue moon… and that’s what makes it good. You remember it being a pretty good film, but you don’t remember enough to have the whole thing memorized. I would say this is my most suspense/thriller film out of the bunch.

4. Mad Money
A great film to watch when you’re in a “light-hearted humor” type of mood. An especially good film to cuddle up to your fellow sickies that are stuck home with you and have some good old chicken noodle soup and yellow Gatorade.

5. Stardust
Hands down, I can easily say this is one of my favorite movies (at least in my top 10). An adventure filled with magical happenings, Robert Di niro, sweet storyline, and beautiful voice-overs. A must watch whether you are sick or not. Yet, somehow being ill makes the film all the more wonderful.


Here are just some little snippets of my life lately and a glimpse at the wonderful adventures that are waiting to happen all around you, so take advantage.g6 g1 g3 g4 g5 g2
1. Mail!
2. Maggie Smith- Official Bad Ass.
3. I have been way to ‘museum deprived’ lately.
4. Yum,yum in my t
um tum.
5. Queen Victoria and the hunt for Marilyn Monroe
6. Photos of photos…inception.

This Tuesday my business partner (Tani) and myself had to run a bunch of errands for . We had to go to city hall and file paperwork, stop at the bank, organize inventory, discuss future shipments,the works.  Being fairly new to LA I had no idea what this “California Pizza Kitchen” (CPK) business was about. And without fail Tani never appears to be less surprise when I tell her I’ve never been.

So, to celebrate our business milestones we headed towards CPK. We got the thin crust Margherita pizza and a salad(s) for an appetizer. Let me just say this: YUMMY!!! We decided that from now on whenever we celebrate something with the business, you can bet you’ll find us at California Pizza Kitchen.

18800 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356

1w w4w w1 4w1. PIZZA!!!
2. Lemon Water
3. Business Partner Tani <3!
4. I could live off this salad.

Wondering and wandering through the streets of Los Angeles, down unknown back allies, coming across blue lit doorways and garbage bins. Queen Victoria and I decided to venture out one long Saturday. Our day/night consisted of hunting the globe for Marilyn Monroe’s tomb, stumbling upon adorable mom & pop restaurant, finding flowers that looked like they came out of a Dr.Seuss novel, and finding ourselves in sketchy alleyways. We left the night with a smile on our face, yummy things in our tummies, and the smell of the city ingrained in our lungs.

1 2 3 4 5 6


“I am devastated by the loss of my love, Roger — my husband, my friend, my confidante and oh-so-brilliant partner of over 20 years. He fought a courageous fight. I’ve lost the love of my life and the world has lost a visionary and a creative and generous spirit who touched so many people all over the world. We had a lovely, lovely life together, more beautiful and epic than a movie. It had its highs and the lows, but was always experienced with good humor, grace and a deep abiding love for each other.” – Chaz Ebert

mikkyekkkoMusic video by Mikky Ekko performing Pull Me Down. (C) 2013 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

I need a road trip, any trip really. I seem to force myself into seclusion on these long weekends; snuggling up against pattern fabric, looking out windows, and pretending to play the piano. Waiting for the breath of fresh air that comes with the following week, yet at the same time I want this nothing-ness to last. It’s not loneliness, its clarity. A time for me to clear my thoughts and think. A time to focus, on everything, but mostly on the future. Trying to remind my self to let the past be merely the sound of my footsteps on the ground, and to live like the trees: freely giving and always growing.