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i. empty house – air | ii. polar-noon highroad – baromet | iii. sleepwalking – casket girls | iv. gravediggress – cocorosie | v. ungirthed – purity ring | vi. creeping – 2:54 | vii. lonely star – the weeknd | viii. i wanna be sedated – superhumanoids | ix. sleep – soap&skin | x. nnormal – javelin | xi. untitled – interpol | xii. solace – f y f e | xiii. moon (gummy system) –  sofia reta


One of those melancholy and infinite sadness days; where you can’t stop thinking outside of yourself and everything you think you know; where you feel tossed by waves, tugged by currents, torn by fish hooks; distorted and dissatisfied  Best thing to do? Wrap yourself up in a cocoon and read, re imagine yourself as someone adventurous  someone worth being written about, until you fill ready to be that person. My last few weeks sporadically photographed through my cell phone.







(In order: Lovely breakfast in bed after my surgery, Much needed family time, The calm before the storm, Museum visit, Detail of the 19th century statue, College life is always on, and vanity before class)

So it started with a wonderful rumor. You see Queen Victoria has a tiny obsession with a particular boy band member. So, naturally, when we heard through the great vine that he was in Los Angeles we were on the hunt. Late nights in LA never turn out how they plan…instead they evolve into something different and unexpected. We ended up going to a tattoo parlor and getting our ears pierced (cartilage & tragus) for $20 a pop. We stumbled across a reggae rock band, yes you read that right, and at the end of our conversation ended up getting free tickets to their show. We wandered around in the late hours of the night embracing our brilliant adventure. We ended the night at a fast food joint and we all had come to the census that, for just tonight, we were infinite.


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We are the light of a dying star, waiting for super nova. Constantly on the edge of our seats, and searching our surrounding with newborn eyes. We strive for the different…the unknown. When we say we didn’t plan for it to happen, just know we’re lying, because we are the rugrat generation.

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2. Childhood.
3. Waiting for super nova.
4. Diamond Supply Co. (LA/NY)
5. Problem Kids.
6. Rock Star Necklace:!necklaces/c1ghj