Spontaneous decisions though the form of Ice Cream runs

Its 10:10pm Tuesday night. my hippy gal Dejuan text message: “I want to get some Ice Cream. With an 8:00am class in the morning, It only seemed fitting, and reasonable , to take a late night walk and get some ice cream…And thus the adventure to SWEET ROSE CREAMERY was born!

Oh.My.Word. This place is pretty ah-mazing. I got two scoops of the ‘Frozen Tart Yogurt’ on a cone ($6.00) and it was perfect. They also have non-dairy ice-cream (not sure how that works) but hey, for all my vegans out there: this is the place to go to get your ice cream fix. Great, now I want Ice Cream.

225 26th St #51  Santa Monica, CA 90402

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