Lawless (2012)

lawless 2There is nothing better, in my opinion, than a good old bootleggin depression-era film. Lawless, centered around three brothers and their bootleggin business that soon becomes threatened by the ‘oh so easy to hate’ deputy. There is no glamorization of the era, and the characters always seem to be in a constant state of  sweating, which is greatly appreciated on both the cinematic and audience levels as you cannot be anymore genuine as ‘sweat’.  From the invincible story line to the unrecognizable Gary Oldman and the ever so wonderful Jessica Chastain,  never have I ever rooted for bootleggin Virginians with this level of intensity before. Note: Plan on wanting to start your own speakeasy/bootleg business after watching this as well as wanting to marry some ruff-a-gin from the prohibition era.

Directed by John Hillcoat
Writers: Nick Cave (screenplay) and Matt Bondurant (novel)



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