Monthly Archives: February 2013

tvspIt around 12:00 am West Cost time on a cool night in February. My make up is falling and my blinks last five minutes. My room is faintly lit with a desk lamp and red heart shaped lights above my head.
I’m in my black jeans still, and I can’t seem to will my self to take of my extremely soft wool sweater that I bought for $1, yes I said one dollar. I sit here on my color filled blanket forcing my self to write as I fall in and out of this dream-like state on consciousness. I want something, but I can’t decide what it is quite yet…not at this moment. Maybe in the morning it will come to me. I’m not writing anymore, but rather thinking in my head…thinking about thinking. A very twisting path indeed,a very slippery slope: dreams and thoughts.


Feb 4, 2013     2:37pm

—– “I hate this girl.”

Feb 5, 2013     7:49pm

—– “Oh my lord free pancakes!”

Feb 12, 2013     3:24pm

—– “Child, stop cliff diving on to bikes”

Feb 18, 2013     3:04pm

—– ” I have so many sights to tell you…”

Feb 25, 2013     12:11pm

—– “I miss you like polar bears miss icebergs.”



It was hard to decide whether or not to call this the “Oldies”  playlist or the “Dance by Yourself” playlist (?) Non the less, all of these songs are a must have when adventuring around the city, preferable at night, or dancing in a circular fashion. Enjoy!