TOP 5: Movies you’ve been meaning to watch

PicMonkey Collage

1. Take Shelter
I absolutely adore Michael Shannon to bits, he is easily one of the best actors out there today and his performance is breath taking. Jessica Chastain is just perfect. End of story.

2. Big Fish
Visually this movie is fantastic with a story to match. It does a fantastic job of making the oddly unrealistic story of a young mans life (Ewan Mcgregor) seem ever so believable.

3. Revolutionary Road
I was actually introduced to this movie by Ben Hector (director) to watch to prep for my role in ‘Impermeable du soleil’. Leonardo Dicaprio, Kate Winsley, Kathy Bates, Michael Shannon. I can’t even explain how amazing this film. Must see for actors, directors, and movie lovers.

4. V for Vendetta
George Orwell would approve. Sparks your inner revolutionist. Not, to mention that this film is as quotable as Mean Girls.

5. The Tree of Life
Though you may find it confusing at first, there is this freshness to the film that makes it seem that its not really a film at all, but an experience.



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