I’d rather be filming.

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                                                           THE DIRECTOR: BEN HECTOR
Over this summer I had the amazing opportunity to go to England with my family for the entire summer. While I was there I was lucky enough to be cast in two short films. The pictures above are from a (working title) film called “Impermeable du soleil” directed by Ben Hector. On set everyone was extremely welcoming, funny, nice, and passionate about what he/she were doing.  Though when we had breaks we all laughed and joked while the director did a phenomenal impersonation of scenes from various Harry Potter films. Yet, when it was time to get to work everyone hunkered down and got the show rolling.Its always nice to see everyone on set working in unison, and trying to, collectively, accomplish a film.

One of my favorite things about acting, is simply being on set. The excitement I feel when seeing a boom mic, dolly, camera, scripts, crew, and add it all together and it’s an explosion of  this”ooohhhh-aaaahhh” feeling, that I can’t get enough of. And no matter how many times I’m on set the excitement never lessens. I can say with ease that Ben is amongst my top directors I’ve worked with in my career thus far, and same can be said for Alex Williams (and trust me when I say I’ve done my share of short films to know the difference between a ‘good director’ and a ‘bad director’).

As an actress, you can only hope that  the director you are working with is completely and utterly in love with what he/she does, and they create a working environment that reflects that, which is exactly how Ben conducts his film/set. I am certain we will be working with each other in the future again, but hopefully next time on a feature film.

You can check out clips from the film and more of Ben Hectors work at:



I’ll also be posting about the other short film I did in the UK. Directed by Alex Williams, the psychological thriller  film “Parasomnia’ follows the story of Ellie (Aiyana Skye) and her older brother (Jamie Smith) who is faced with dreams depicting terrible crimes only to discover the following morning, that they have happened in real life.

This was another great film I was able to do in the UK. It was so so so amazing to film, the director, the cast, makeup, writer, and crew were completely phenomenal. When I first got the script for it I was on a train coming back from London, and I have to admit I was very impressed and absolutely loved the psychological twists and turns of the screenplay. I can’t wait to go into detail about the set and scenes!  So, stay tuned for this upcoming post.

Alex Williams work can also be found at :




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