The Blackout

DSCN8691DQ DSCN8695DQ DSCN8717DQ DQ DSCN8702DQ DSCN8692DQSo, once again we find ourselves in a new year and a new trend is already in the air.  Recently, the buzz has been all about the “Pre-Fall 2013″ fashion trends. Personally, I would think we would just wait till spring was over first, but you know how antsy those fashion designers get. Well….drumroll…. what’s in this upcoming fall? Apparently ‘Black on Black’ or as we here at Dolce de Skye call it ” The Blackout”. Whether it’s in trend or not I always love a good little black on black action. Not only is it extremely simple and classy, just add a pop of color (i.e. nail polish, colored bag, bold ring, statement necklace, etc) and you’ve, almost instantly, become that gal the girls talk about as you pass through the office. Another great thing about this reoccurring trend is that is suits all ages (except children, only colorful things for them). Personally, I think- although black will be in this upcoming fall- I feel it will be an array of dark tones (olives, dark gold, emerald, rich reds, etc) with patterns, designs, and floral. It’s the new year, the new you, so try something different! Match something you wouldn’t think would go, mix patterns and prints, be bold!  But, remember, its not really what you where, it’s HOW you where it. There is only ONE YOU, and confidence is always in trend.



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