1. Striped Cat Triangle Ring

I am completely in love with this little cutie. The details and vaa-vaa-voom colors really make this ring stand out and easily adds a swist of humor to your outfit. I espically like the hot pink and orange ones! At at only $18.00 a pop this unique ring is a steal!

You can find this ring at

2. Geometric Ring

I love rustic colored jewelry, and espically rings. Je adore the detailing of the little rhinestones on the front of the ring! . I really like how the band is somewhat adjustable so I dont have to stress about whether or not its going to be too small. And come on, at $8.00 you cant go wrong!

You can find this ring at!rings/ct72

3. Knuckle Rings (set of 4)

I mean just look at them! You can never go wrong with simplicity. The positioning of these rings also suit to highlight that pretty fresh coat of paint on your nails. I would suggest wearing these rings with a bold nail polish (i.e. orange, pink, mint, bright purple, etc.). And you get all 4 rings for only $15.99.

You can find this ring at

4. Dragon Spine Pinky Ring

Most of the time its hard to find pinky rings with some amount of detail or design, but alast here to the rescue the “Dragon Spine Ring”. First off, I love this ring just for the name alone. And Second, its georgous, rustic, and something I’ve never seen before. Plus its only $7.00!

You can find this ring at!rings/ct72

5. Galaxy Colored Ring

You all should know that I’m a huge dork, so anything that has to do with space, I’m down. Not only is this ring adjustable, but the way its made it creates a 3D bubble effect! I’ve become completely obsessed with this ring and the designers other products! this is a must have for 2013 and for only $10.23! Well, what are you waiting for!

You can find this ring at
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