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Just a little humor as Oscar season goes into full gear. We at Dolce de Skye will, of course, be adding our own little commentary regarding this year’s surprises and snubs, as well as cramming each nominated film in before the Oscars on February 24th. Who knows? Maybe sometime in the future, I’ll be watching Skye take home Best Actress. Keep an eye out for the next few days!



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1. Take Shelter
I absolutely adore Michael Shannon to bits, he is easily one of the best actors out there today and his performance is breath taking. Jessica Chastain is just perfect. End of story.

2. Big Fish
Visually this movie is fantastic with a story to match. It does a fantastic job of making the oddly unrealistic story of a young mans life (Ewan Mcgregor) seem ever so believable.

3. Revolutionary Road
I was actually introduced to this movie by Ben Hector (director) to watch to prep for my role in ‘Impermeable du soleil’. Leonardo Dicaprio, Kate Winsley, Kathy Bates, Michael Shannon. I can’t even explain how amazing this film. Must see for actors, directors, and movie lovers.

4. V for Vendetta
George Orwell would approve. Sparks your inner revolutionist. Not, to mention that this film is as quotable as Mean Girls.

5. The Tree of Life
Though you may find it confusing at first, there is this freshness to the film that makes it seem that its not really a film at all, but an experience.


These type of  homes are common in developing nations, usually one room with a dirt floor where families up ward to 10 will sleep and stay.

‘La clinica Medica’ is where we stayed during our visit. This clinic provides affordable healthcare to those in the area. End of the day we would go out and play soccer with the local kids in the clinics driveway.

We went and visited homes and gave them bags of food. As  you  can see  in this home they are lucky to have a make shift stove, where they make, the popular, corn tortillas. Where as others have to go to kitchens, friends to be able to make their food.

I went to Honduras with my younger sister Ashira. We had gone to a village 3hr from the capital (where we were staying). We brought crafts and bubbles for the kids. I snagged this perfect picture of Ashira, that basically sums up what kind of gal she is.

I’m here, in the same village mentioned above, blowing bubbles and talking to the kids. Ashira and I asked them how they called ‘bubbles’ en espanol. But, they didn’t know because they had never seen them before.


The ground water is heavily contaminated in Honduras, so its either bottle water or soda.

H7 One day we visited the main hospital of in the capital ‘Tegucigalpa’. There were about 20 kids put side by side in one of the bigger rooms. At night while their kids sleep in the hospital beds parents sleep on the tile floor in the hallway.

One of the projects we did was lining the opening space of the new church with cement. I laid the brick while Ashira and Leah filled them in with rocks and a layer of concrete.
 H9  It was the end of the day, and we were packing up the left over clothes for parents to pick through and getting ready for the ride back when we met this little cutie.


We sat on the back bed of a truck sticking our heads up over the car and feeling our face rushed with cool 60mph Honduran wind. It’s our plan to , this upcoming spring break, go back and  volunteer again.

So, when you’re trying to be the “best you, you can be” this new year try helping out others. Whether is be locally or globally, just keep in mind that there are others out there who have it worst, and appreciate the fact that you live in a developed country.

                                                   LA CLINICA MEDICA: HOW TO VOLUNTEER
If you want to find out how you can make the trip down to Honduras this coming spring break, summer, or any other time you can email and I sure they will supply you with more information:

1.  They are two americans who run “La clinica Medica” they live in Honduras and operate the clinic and many other services to the Honduran people.

2. When my sister and I went it was through our church and $900 each and that included plane, food, housing, and much of it also go towards running their feeding/children programs and facilities  They also have people from Med Students come down and work at the clinic.

3.They house large groups as well as small groups, just be prepared to get your hands dirty and have an amazing experience.


michaelYou spend the length of the film uncomfortable. Rightly so considering the subject material — “A drama focused on five months in the life of pedophile who keeps a 10-year-old boy locked in his basement.” — and that’s what works for this film. Schleinzer isn’t interested in dramatics, or extremes, rather the pace of the film is slow, subjective, and highly ambiguous. The film is kept distant and matter of fact, relying on realism instead of attempting (and, like the majority of films, failing) to be disturbing and provocative. The originality of this film is in it’s lack of explicitness or exploitation, the tone throughout unsettling and gripping. Nothing graphic is shown on screen, however it is hinted, and the film’s pace is alien to that of Hollywood. Michael burrows under your skin and remains memorable,  unnervingly calm, and oddly humorous. B+

Written and Directed by Markus Schleinzer, starring  Michael FuithDavid Rauchenberger and Christine Kain.


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                                                           THE DIRECTOR: BEN HECTOR
Over this summer I had the amazing opportunity to go to England with my family for the entire summer. While I was there I was lucky enough to be cast in two short films. The pictures above are from a (working title) film called “Impermeable du soleil” directed by Ben Hector. On set everyone was extremely welcoming, funny, nice, and passionate about what he/she were doing.  Though when we had breaks we all laughed and joked while the director did a phenomenal impersonation of scenes from various Harry Potter films. Yet, when it was time to get to work everyone hunkered down and got the show rolling.Its always nice to see everyone on set working in unison, and trying to, collectively, accomplish a film.

One of my favorite things about acting, is simply being on set. The excitement I feel when seeing a boom mic, dolly, camera, scripts, crew, and add it all together and it’s an explosion of  this”ooohhhh-aaaahhh” feeling, that I can’t get enough of. And no matter how many times I’m on set the excitement never lessens. I can say with ease that Ben is amongst my top directors I’ve worked with in my career thus far, and same can be said for Alex Williams (and trust me when I say I’ve done my share of short films to know the difference between a ‘good director’ and a ‘bad director’).

As an actress, you can only hope that  the director you are working with is completely and utterly in love with what he/she does, and they create a working environment that reflects that, which is exactly how Ben conducts his film/set. I am certain we will be working with each other in the future again, but hopefully next time on a feature film.

You can check out clips from the film and more of Ben Hectors work at:


I’ll also be posting about the other short film I did in the UK. Directed by Alex Williams, the psychological thriller  film “Parasomnia’ follows the story of Ellie (Aiyana Skye) and her older brother (Jamie Smith) who is faced with dreams depicting terrible crimes only to discover the following morning, that they have happened in real life.

This was another great film I was able to do in the UK. It was so so so amazing to film, the director, the cast, makeup, writer, and crew were completely phenomenal. When I first got the script for it I was on a train coming back from London, and I have to admit I was very impressed and absolutely loved the psychological twists and turns of the screenplay. I can’t wait to go into detail about the set and scenes!  So, stay tuned for this upcoming post.

Alex Williams work can also be found at :


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After a long winter, the ice begins to melt. The air is headily laden with lavender, lilac, flowers that can only be described through hues, through the language of colors, with honey sweet saccharine words. Spring is a time of vividness, of blaring colors. Violets and magentas, periwinkles and canary yellows. I’ll be wiggling my way into the familiarity of spring, remembering the florals of springs, the showers, the excuses I’ll pile for wearing willowy skirts and spending a little extra time in the morning with my makeup. I’ll blink away the cold memories, shed the sweaters and coats, the abundant layers, and squint in the warm spring sun. I hope everyone remembers to enjoy their spring, crunching over frosty dewy grass, the shift away from the chill. Remember to enjoy your spring semester, as well, we’re almost to summer!


DSCN8691DQ DSCN8695DQ DSCN8717DQ DQ DSCN8702DQ DSCN8692DQSo, once again we find ourselves in a new year and a new trend is already in the air.  Recently, the buzz has been all about the “Pre-Fall 2013″ fashion trends. Personally, I would think we would just wait till spring was over first, but you know how antsy those fashion designers get. Well….drumroll…. what’s in this upcoming fall? Apparently ‘Black on Black’ or as we here at Dolce de Skye call it ” The Blackout”. Whether it’s in trend or not I always love a good little black on black action. Not only is it extremely simple and classy, just add a pop of color (i.e. nail polish, colored bag, bold ring, statement necklace, etc) and you’ve, almost instantly, become that gal the girls talk about as you pass through the office. Another great thing about this reoccurring trend is that is suits all ages (except children, only colorful things for them). Personally, I think- although black will be in this upcoming fall- I feel it will be an array of dark tones (olives, dark gold, emerald, rich reds, etc) with patterns, designs, and floral. It’s the new year, the new you, so try something different! Match something you wouldn’t think would go, mix patterns and prints, be bold!  But, remember, its not really what you where, it’s HOW you where it. There is only ONE YOU, and confidence is always in trend.